SD Card Data Recovery

We can recover data from all models and SD formats. SD cards, like flash drives, store their data on a PCB. The data components are placed either externally (BGA chips) or internally (monolithic). The techniques required to recover data change based on this format.

The first step is to see if it's possible to repair the chip and read the data natively. If we are not able to repair your SD card the next step is to either remove the chips holding your data and program them to work in our readers. If your device is monolithic, we will solder to specific points on the PCB of your device. The complexity of this job varies depending on your make and model of flash drive.

Logical Recovery

If the files on your SD card are not working, have been deleted, or the media has been formatted we can help recover your data!

Physically Broken

If your device has suffered physical damage such as breaks, water, fire, or any external force, we can help recover your data.

Monolith Recovery

Monolith recoveries are when we expose the often coated PCB of your device. We then solder to specific points to read and program the dump as required.

Chip-Off Recovery

Chip off recovery is when BGA chips can be visually seen on the PCB. These recoveries involve reading raw data and programming it to work with our tools.

We understand that data loss can be a stressful situation. We are here to help guide you along, answer your questions or concerns and ultimately recover your lost data. We will strive to make your data recovery process as painless and stress free as possible.

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