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Photo Data Recovery

Photographs are the most common type of files we recover at Data Lab. When media fails, the first thing that often comes to mind is your pictures. These are some of the only files that can't simply be rebuilt or replaced.

We have successfully recovered millions of photos from failed media. While no recovery is guaranteed, our success rates are among the highest in the industry. We always make every effort to preserve your data at all costs and stay on the cutting edge of technology, always testing and learning new and better methods of recovery. Trust your data with the best!

Deleted Photos

Mistakes happen and when media is mistakenly deleted or formatted, we can help. Its important to stop using your media immediately.

Corrupt Photos

Data can get corrupted and stop working. Often people assume this data is gone forever. We can help repair your files!

Camera Recovery

We can recover data from all types of cameras. SD cards or other media storage devices your camera uses stores its files.

Computer Recovery

Photo recovery is the most common type of files that we recover from PC’s. Trust your data with only the best.

Smartphone Recovery

Photos, now more than ever, are being stored on mobile devices. When they fail we have the tools and knowledge to recover them.

We understand data loss can be a stressful situation. We are here to help guide you along, answer your questions or concerns and ultimately recover your lost data. We will strive to make your data recovery process as painless and stress free as possible.

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We have solved many unique issues recovering data. We have likely seen your issue as well.

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Founders Message

Data Lab will strive to provide ethical, reliable and timley data recovery while maintaing our fair pricing. We hope you leave us knowing that your data was in the best possible hands.

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