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What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the extraction of data from logically or physically damaged digital storage devices. This type of service, and particularly physical failure is not typically offered by regular IT repair companies.

Our Process

Do you offer no data - no fee?

No, we charge a $50 CAD diagnosis fee on all storage media. Our technician will look at your storage media and decide whether its physical or logical using our tools and expertise. If physical, he will open your storage device up in our clean air environment and inspect the drive for any problems. He will report what issues your drive is facing and an estimated recovery time. Don’t be fooled by others offering ‘no recovery, no fee’ policies where they have hidden fees under different terminology.

Founders Message

Data Lab will strive to provide ethical, reliable and timley data recovery while maintaing our fair pricing. We hope you leave us knowing that your data was in the best possible hands.

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